British Council – Learn English Kids

There’s a lot material online to help kids with their English but it’s not all great quality and it’s not all free. That’s what makes the British Council’s Learn English Kids so great – it’s both of those things.

With a fun, bright design this is a great site that’s is crammed full of games, songs, stories and videos you child will love. One of the things we like about it most is there are a lot of very creative ideas that will keep even the most restless focused. Like, for example, the Animal Band Quiz where kids can test their musical knowledge in English and the Create Your Own Comic strip app, where kids can choose how to put together a personal comic strip – complete with background, characters and, of course, word balloons.

Because all the apps and quizzes are entirely in English it’s a great way to sneak in language practice disguised as play.

Given the site was developed by the British Council you might expect there to be a bias towards UK English but we found it to be very international / universal in language use so it’s worth a look no matter where you are in the world.

The main Learn English Kids site is designed for older children but if you have younger learners in the family there’s a companion site called Little Kids that has a wealth of fun & free material for pre-school kids.